1. Co-operation between parents and school management is essential for the successful growth and development of the child.

  2. Parents are requested to co-operate with school in enforcing regularity and discipline, seeing their children prepare their daily lessons and take a keen interest in all the activities of the school.

  3. It is the duty of parents to see that their children come to school neatly dressed and in time for classes.

  4. Parents are informed that occasional report and recommendations from the teachers are made in the school calendar which they are requested to sign as a proof of having read them.

  5. Parents are particularly expected to sign the reports. This is done on open days, when parents visit the school and meet the teacher.

  6. Parents are not allowed to see the children or interview the class teachers during working hours without the sanction of the principal.

  7. Private tuitions are not encouraged. If they are necessary, the Principal must be consulted irrespective whether the tuitions are conducted in or outside the school premises.

  8. In matter of admissions, detention of a pupil in class and regulations of the school, the decision of the Principal is final, and shall not be challenged.

  9. Children whose school fees fall into arrears are liable to be debarred from attending school and from giving all the tests; neither their reports cards, nor transfer certificates will be issued, till all accounts are fully settled.

  10. A pupil seeking admission must produce his date of birth certificate issued by the Municipal authorities or a Baptismal certificate, if a Christian.

  11. Students must come to the school in the prescribed school uniform.

  12. No exchange of gifts in cash or kind is permitted on birthdays and other occasions.

  13. If any employee demands any undue favour, parents are requested to bring it to the notice of the Principal.

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