We humans have mastered the craft of taming speed for our advantage. Take for example instant noodles to hypersonic aircraft that can easily crack the speed of sound by more than 8 times. Our communication has now no boundaries. In real-time we can connect to anyone across the continents through the Internet. Our need for speed has transformed our worldview with what we had just shared in common; perhaps a little more than two decades down our memory lane.

We are continuingly exploring the horizons as netizens of the new civilization. And you will agree that with ever-increasing pace we are getting the hang of handling the Internet of Things. In this pervasive ecosystem of gadgets and gizmos, our toddlers and little ones are evolving. They are consuming it like any junk food and are just savouring it too. The sight of a kindergartner engrossed in the smartphone is easily done. And when it's your kid, sometimes in your heart of hearts don't you believe that your boy is a child prodigy? We never shy to flaunt this feat of our child with our friends and acquaintances. Gradually the child begins to understand this compliment as an affirmation to cement his affiliation to the phone.

As the case may be when our baby was learning to throw tantrums in the cradle, to save our peace of mind perhaps we gave the first time the mobile phone; lo and behold it worked. And both of us learned what-to-do.

According to Erick Erickson's theory of psychosocial development, the infant is uncertain about the world he lives in, which makes him look toward his primary caregiver for consistency of care and trust. Horror comes alive when the infant learns to trust the mobile phone over his primary caregiver; parents. It means we have lost our ground.

We are more than ever getting wired. It's high time when we reclaim the innocence of our little ones. First we the grown-ups got to refrain from overindulging appetite for technology that has infiltrated our family and social life. Then we will be morally empowered to inculcate the value of meaningful relationship in our younger ones. Let us vow that we shall make our home where caring tete-a-tete is encouraged, where we charge ourselves by engaging in active listening, where we read bedtime stories to our kids so that they drift in dreams of enormous possibilities, where personal edifying examples of parents nurture respect and love for fellow human beings and environment…

The future of our little ones is in our able hands. Collectively we have to create a conducive atmosphere so that they grow trusting in the loving presence of their parents and society. The motto of the school "Lead, Kindly Light" motivates and inspires us to march together towards a brighter future.

Rev. Fr. Dominic George

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