"Friends, We are grateful to God, scientists, technicians and their assistants who made the mode of communication easy, effective and quick. We are able to see or talk to a person who is far away from us in a distant country within a fraction of a second. St. Felix is coming forward to make it more open and accessible to the students, parents, teachers and the world by launching its website today. Hearty Congratulations to Rev. Fr. Bhaskar, the Principal, members of the staff and the technicians who are helping in this new useful venture. Often rumors and misunderstandings breed when communications are insufficient and imperfect. God, the Creator of the whole universe, communicated his unconditional love for humanity and the whole universe by sending His Son Jesus to this world as its Saviour. This God becoming man is Christmas. May you and the citizens of Agra receive the blessings of Baby Jesus, Peace and Joy, abundantly

Rev. Fr. Santosh D'Sa

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