1. All fees are to be deposited in Canara Bank, St. Peter’s College Branch, Agra

  2. Fees could be paid in On-line / Demand Draft .

  3. Fee could be paid online by downloading the School App or by logging in through parent panel on our website

  4. The payment of fees through cheques is not acceptable.

  5. The Pay-in-slip should be correctly filled in by the parents and the counter foil must be retained for further verification and proof.

  6. School fees are to be paid for the full year, i.e., for all twelve months (April to March).

  7. Fees of the current quarter is to be paid in the second month of the quarter after which a late fee of Rs. 300/- will be charged. Last date is mentioned on respective slips.

  8. The scholar whose fees fall in arrears is liable to be debarred from attending school and taking the examination, till the full fees are paid. Defaulters will not issued any certificate till fees are paid fully.

  9. In matter of admissions, detention of a pupil in class and regulations of the school, the decision of the Principal is final, and shall not be challenged.

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